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Several enhancements additionally to fixes having a bugs are incorporated in this particular iOS update. Key top features of iOS 10.3 are the new Find My AirPods, a Find My iPhone tool designed to help users locate lost AirPods. IOS 10.3 includes fixes for your 30% battery bug contained in iOS 10.2 and 10.2.1.

If you want to enhance your iPhone 7 Plus to iOS 10.3 via iTunes, please keep to the steps above to place iPhone into recovery mode before you decide to attain the update or restore prompt.

Fifth Step. Restore the firmware in the iPhone 7 Plus with the DFU mode

If setting your iPhone recovery mode did not offer you worthwhile results, the following option is to put your device into DFU or Device Firmware Update mode rather. DFU mode is an additional condition in the iOS system that allows your iPhone to talk to iTunes without dealing with load its operating-system or launch the iOS boot loader. You need to use the DFU mode to change the iOS firmware, be it for downgrading or using custom firmware for your iPhone. Abide by these steps if you want to still restore the firmware in DFU mode:

Connect your iPhone with a computer while using re-creation of iTunes installed.

Open iTunes using the pc.

Along with your device completely off, press and retain the On / Standby button for many seconds.

While holding lower the Sleep / Wake button, press and retain the Volume Lower button and hold both buttons for the next 10-seconds.

If you see the Apple emblem, which means you have held the buttons too extended plus this case you will need to start once more. Otherwise, go to the next factor.

Release the Sleep / Wake button but keep the Volume Lower button depressed for the next 5 seconds. The Connect iTunes screen appears for individuals who’ve held the button too extended. And that means you have to start once more.

An indication the iPhone is at DFU mode occurs when the iPhone screen stays black after releasing the quantity Lower button through the specified period. At the moment, you have to see an iTunes prompt praoclaiming that iTunes has detected your iPhone and may then try and restore iOS. Once iTunes has finished restoring iOS, try activating your device.

Sixth Step. Confer with your carrier or Apple Support

If none of individuals recommended workarounds can help you or maybe iPhone 7 Plus still takes proper care of not turn on or hangs around the black screen, you have to confer with your company to report the problem and request additional support. Otherwise, you’ll be able to call Apple Support for other recommendations. You may even attempt to take advantage of the service substitute warranty or perhaps the iPhone 7 Plus unit, especially if anything is possible to bring back your iPhone.



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