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Earlier, I had been confronted with an issue charging my apple iphone 5 using the new Lightning cable (that we find perfectly).

apple iphone 5 and Apple Lightning cable

Indeed, at the outset of my worries the positioning of the cable had an effect around the recharge. I figured either of the connection trouble with the iPhone, or perhaps a problem of cable (cut to some place or whatever …).

The exam of the second cable rejected the 2nd option, so continued to be the issue of reference to the iPhone. This really is something that didn’t surprise me since the apple iphone 5 may be the first smartphone to make use of this latest connection (because there are the 5C and 5S).

Then came your day that regardless of the position, nothing labored. I started to obtain angry taking into consideration the post sales service, the warranty which was going to finish, and so forth.

I Then was thinking about my phone more carefully. Despite the fact that I’d already checked out the bond hole and blown in, this time around I put more light and that i viewed all of this more carefully, to understand within the finish it had become completely altered by outfit dust … Even blowing hard inside it I possibly could not fix it.

When I have my phone within my pocket with wholesale iphone battery, it catches filled with microfibers that ultimately form a stuffed stuck towards the bottom from the connector, which avoided a great reference to the cable. I didn’t realize at the start since it fit correctly within the iPhone …

Dust within the charging port from the smartphone

In a nutshell, should you encounter this issue, obtain a very fine tool (I required a paper clip), and scrape the foot of the connector to get rid of all of this crap, and you will find that your phone is going to be new next 🙂

A little trombone, it always serves!

Washing the apple iphone 5

MAJ: It’s also valid for that headphone jack of the phone



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